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American Frothic

Mike Austin, a man full of good ideas, was born where good ideas go to die - Washington D.C., back when "HMO" was merely code for a taboo lifestyle. Mike was reared in the holy confines of Catholic elementary school in College Park, Maryland, until his parents, encouraged by the avoidance of tuition, sent him off to public high school. It was there that he discovered that girls dug him - until he spoke. So he spent his time playing sports and rescusitating a childhood music career that ended when chord organs and Lawrence Welk went out of style. Mike attended the nearby University of Maryland, because he was too broke and lazy to go to a number of other universities and actually have worthwhile college memories about which to fondly reminisce.

At Maryland, Mike became proficient in Music and History, and due to the lean Carter economic years, had to combine this study into Music History. After college, Mike worked at the Smithsonian Institution, where he became involved in teaching living history to the Washington, D.C. schools, and made sure the Smithsonian bathrooms remained spotless. Soon afterwards, Mike enrolled at the University of Michigan, where he received his Master of Arts degree and also learned how cold "cold" really is. After almost committing suicide with the 80th inch of snowfall, Mike headed down to Texas, where he enrolled in the Musicology Ph.D. program at the Univeristy of Texas. Mike also taught music and popular culture at the University for eight years; then when he realized how unpopular he was, he decided to teach courses on "unpopular culture." Mike was recognized as one of the "Best UT Faculty" by UTMost campus magazine, and by his mother.

It was also at this time that Mike realized that he needed to eat, so he also became involved in the computer industry. After his doctoral studies and teaching stint, Mike became involved with systems design and development at the University. Since he couldn't get the job as Head Football Coach, Mike left the University several years later, and became an IT systems consultant. Within the past few years, Mike has been fortunate to be able to leave the 9-to-5 work world, and start his own businesses. Among these are freelance writing, specializing in cultural, political, and historical commentary, and a commercial music business; he also plays frequently amid Austin's lively music scene (you can find him outside any restaurant with a tip jar). Mike has won many awards, but none that are really that important.

Mike currently resides in Austin, Texas; you know, where George Bush lived for awhile, until he got called away on some important business or other.